Wolff 'Wouldn't Rule Anything Out' Amid Questions About Bringing Newey To Mercedes

Thursday, 14 March 2024 at 10:49
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Mercedes' team principal, Toto Wolff, asserted that anything is possible when asked about potentially bringing Adrian Newey on board.
Adrian Newey is the most successful designer in the history of Formula 1. At the end of 2023, he achieved the 11th Constructors Championship title, and together with the Drivers' Championships, the 65-year-old has 25 titles to his name.
The Briton joined Red Bull ahead of the 2006 season and has remained with the team ever since. Throughout his time with the Austrian team, he already amassed 6 of his 11 Constructor's titles.
A significant portion of Red Bull's recent success is attributed to the man currently holding the Chief Technical Officer role. His 2023 creation, RB19, became the most dominant car in F1 history, and RB20, in the hands of Max Verstappen, might be even better.
Fernando Alonso said last year that he felt privileged to and happy to be "living and driving in this time - that Adrian Newey is just building Formula 1 cars."
Newey is like the Champion among F1 car designers, and all the teams on the grid are aware of his value. The 65-year-old has received numerous offers from others over the years with Red Bull but has declined all of them so far.
However, Toto Wolff suggested he could possibly persuade the British engineer to join Mercedes. Asked about the possibility of bringing Adrian Newey on board, he told OE24:

"Anything is always possible in this crazy merry-go-round, I wouldn't rule anything out."

Wolff also had his eyes on Verstappen, who contracted with Red Bull until the end of the 2028 season. If he managed to snatch at least one of the two from the team from Milton Keynes, it would have been huge.
On the other hand, the team principal of Silver Arrows pointed out that even if he managed to bring Newey on board, it wouldn't mean that he isn't satisfied with his current technical team. He added:

"But we have an excellent technical team with whom I feel comfortable and one hundred per cent correctly positioned, even if the lap times don't reflect that at the moment."