Ferrari Reportedly Trying To Snatch Key Red Bull Engineers Ahead Of Hamilton's Arrival

Tuesday, 12 March 2024 at 22:30
horner christian redbull rbcp28
A recent report suggests that the Scuderia Ferrari team is trying to snatch key engineers from Red Bull amid drama inside the team from Milton Keynes.
Just ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Christian Horner claimed his team has never been stronger from within. However, over the following two weeks, it became clear that was not the case.
All this tension between the leaders of the team contributes to the turbulent times, and this creates an ideal window for the other nine teams to try and poach Red Bull's staff.
According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, other teams, including Ferrari, have indeed already acted promptly and started intensifying their contacts with different members of Red Bull.
The publication reports this doesn't come as a surprise after the Italian team made "well-defined proposals" to Adrian Newey's right-hand man, Pierre Wache, last year.
Ferrari currently supposedly has three people on its list: Ben Waterhouse, David Morgan, and Alessandro Germani. Ben Waterhouse is the Head of Performance at the Austrian team and should know about internal configurations of RB20's suspensions.
David Morgan is Red Bull's on-track aerodynamic development manager, who has been with Red Bull for six years. He is responsible for the execution and interpretation of the aerodynamic correlation data between the real world (on track) and the simulator.
Alessandro Germani is an Aerodynamics Development Team Leader and should have profound knowledge of CFD simulations. All of these engineers have the potential to bring the secrets that make Red Bull so fast to Ferrari.
Former F1 driver Ivan Capelli suggested that Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari might make the team more attractive for engineers. The Italian team seems to be on a clear trajectory of building the winning team.
Another former F1 driver, Karun Chandhok, reacted to the report from La Gazzetta dello Sport, saying Hamilton might have just made the second genius move in his career after the McLaren to Mercedes transfer in 2013.