'There Will Be A Problem': Verstappen Hints Red Bull Exit Amid Another Investigation

Friday, 08 March 2024 at 23:22
Updated at Friday, 08 March 2024 at 23:24
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It seems that Red Bull can't escape off-track drama in recent days, as the team is facing another problem, with Max Verstappen's stay in question.
Over the past few weeks, the last year's World Constructors' Champions have dealt with multiple different problems, or tied to key figures in the team.
First, Team Principal Christian Horner was investigated because of alleged "inappropriate behaviour." It seemed that all will be good in the team after he was cleared of allegations, but that was far from the truth.
Max Verstappen's father, Jos, said that the team would "explode" if Horner stayed in his position, which created another whirlwind of rumours, which led to another rumour claiming that Verstappen could leave Red Bull for Mercedes as a result.
However, when drivers arrived to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit for the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen once again calmed everyone, stating he had no intentions to leave the team.
But despite the on-track success and second pole position of the season, another case arose. This time, surrounding another key figure, advisor Helmut Marko.
According to motorsport.com, the 80-year-old should be subject to an investigation by Red Bull, because he allegedly released confidential information to media.
With all the off-track drama happening while Verstappen fought for the pole position in Saudi Arabia, the Dutch driver was asked about the latest development immediately after the qualifying.
This time, his statements, according to motorsport-total.com, were much different to what he said last time, suggesting that Marko's departure could mean that he would have to leave the team as well.

"It's clear to me that Helmut has to stay. He has this team, together with Dietrich, set up from the first day. I have great respect for Helmut. What we have achieved together goes back a long way, and my loyalty to him is great."

"I have always told everyone in the team that. He is an important part of my decisions, including the future of the team It's very important that he stays in the team. Because if such an important pillar disappears, it's not good for my situation."

When later quizzed whether Marko's departure would mean that he would start looking for another team, leaving Red Bull Racing, Verstappen was quite clear.

"Then we might have a big problem in the team. Yes. I have always said that Helmut always has to be there for me. We will talk about that."