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Our spotlight predominantly shines on the world of Formula 1 and all of the teams taking part in the Formula One World Championship, such as Red Bull Racing, Ferrari, and Mercedes, but also all the drivers like Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and Fernando Alonso.
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At Racing Infinity, we deliver the latest news and updates to our readers via multiple channels as we believe that it's essential to be able to have everything you want to know about your favorite sport within one click.
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We always seek for journalistic excellence, that's why our writers are always unbiased, but also seek to create informative content, which answers any questions that you may find yourself having when reading an article.
Erik VirostkoEditor-in-Chief[email protected]Erik is one of two chief editors at Racing Infinity, making sure that the content you read is always accurate and fresh. Erik's passion for motorsport started early as he's been watching F1 since early teenage years.
Adam OndrikEditor-In-Chief[email protected]Adam is the person that makes sure you'll read all the latest racing news. He's a big Formula One fan, even though he found out about the sport only in his early twenties.