Hungarian Grand Prix

The 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix is the 13th race of the 2024 Formula 1 World Championships, held on July 19 - 21, 2024, in Mogyoród, Pest County, Hungary.
Date:July 19 - 21
Location:Mogyoród, Pest County, Hungary
Circuit Length:4.381 km (2.722 miles)
Race Distance:70 Laps, 306.630 km (190.531 miles)
Record Lap:1:16.627 - Lewis Hamilton (2020)
Last Winner:Max Verstappen
Number of Turns:14
The first Hungarian Grand Prix dates a very long time back, when the first Formula 1 race on Hungarian soil was held in Népliget Park, and Tazio Nuvolari won it in Alfa Romeo.
But it wasn't until 1986 that the Hungarian Grand Prix became a solid part of the Formula 1 calendar. Since then, the race has been held at the Hungaroring in Mogyoród, close to Budapest, in Pest Country, Hungary.
The first-ever race was still held behind the Iron Curtain, showing the incredible capability of the sport to bridge political and cultural differences. The race was a great success, welcoming over 200,000 spectators and showing great promise for the future of the Hungarian Grand Prix.
Now, the race at the Hungaroring is an integral part of the Formula 1 World Championships, and after initially extending the deal until 2021, the race extended the contract even further until 2026, after the track was completely resurfaced in 2016.
The Hungaroring can welcome 70,000 fans for a Grand Prix, and since opening the gates for the first time in 1986, the circuit changed the layout twice. Initially, it was a track with 16 turns across 4.014 kilometers (2.494 miles), which was later reduced to 3.975 kilometers (2.466 miles) and 13 corners before the eventual layout, which sees the drivers race around 4.381 kilometers (2.722 miles) long circuit, with 14 turns.
The Hungarian Grand Prix is raced over 306.630 kilometers (190.531 miles, across 70 laps. The official record lap at the Hungaroring in a Formula 1 race is held by Lewis Hamilton, who is the most dominant driver on this track, winning the Grand Prix a total of eight times, and he completed the record lap in 2020 in Mercedes, during his last victory on the circuit, stopping the clock at 1:16.627.