Monaco Grand Prix

The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix is the 8th race of the 2024 Formula 1 World Championships, held on May May 24-26 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
Date:May 24-26
Circuit:Circuit de Monaco
Location:La Condamine and Monte Carlo, Monaco
Circuit Length:3.337 km (2.074 miles)
Race Distance:78 Laps, 260.286 km (161.734 miles)
Record Lap:1:12.909 - Lewis Hamilton (2021)
Last Winner:Charles Leclerc
Number of Turns:19
The Monaco Grand Prix is driven at Circuit de Monaco around the harbor of the Principality of Monaco. Famous for its very slow and tight turns surrounded by walls, Monaco is one of the most demanding races in the F1 calendar.
The narrow course presents multiple challenges to the drivers, including elevation changes, and a tunnel - exit, which is well known for decreased visibility. Sun blinds drivers’ eyes as they exit the tunnel right as they approach an important breaking point.
The slow, tight, and twisty nature of the Circuit de Monaco makes it the slowest circuit in the calendar. In fact, the Monaco Grand Prix is the only grand prix that does not adhere to FIA-prescribed race distance of more than 300km.
One lap on Circuit de Monaco is 3.337 km (2.074 miles) long, and the race lasts 78 laps. If you do the math, you will find the race is 260.286 km (161.734 miles). This is because the race needs to adhere primarily to other FIA regulations saying that the race has to be a maximum of 2 hours long.
If drivers had to drive more than 300km at the Monaco Grand Prix, the race would exceed this 2-hour limit as the circuit is very slow in spite of the lowest average speeds. It is not unusual to see a safety car being deployed. Drivers push their cars over the limit, and the Circuit de Monaco does not forgive the smallest mistake.
Multiple drivers have described this race as insane. One of the most famous quotes about Circuit de Monaco comes from Nelson Piquet, saying: "Driving Monaco is like riding a bike in your living room." However, the Monaco Grand Prix is still one of the most prestigious racing events in the world.
Together with the Indianapolis 500 and 24-hour LeMans, the Monaco Grand Prix completes the Triple Crown of Motorsport. Only one man in history- Graham Hill has been able to win all 3 of these prestigious races.
Ran for the first time in 1929, The Monaco GP is one of the oldest races in the F1 calendar. 2020 has been the first year since 1954 to skip Monaco GP (due to Covid 19 pandemic). As of today, the Monaco Grand Prix has a race contract valid until the 2025 season.