Hamilton vs Russell: All 2024 Mercedes Head-To-Head Stats

Saturday, 20 April 2024 at 10:50
Updated at Tuesday, 21 May 2024 at 19:02
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Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are teammates but also rivals in Mercedes in the 2024 Formula One World Championships, with their head-to-head record under microscope.
The two drivers come from two completely different generations, and their success in the sport has been on two completely different levels as well. While Hamilton is a seven-time World Champion, his teammate has only one Grand Prix win under his belt.
The 39-year-old Brit joined the team back in 2013 when he left McLaren. On the other hand, his current teammate has been with the team since 2022, after he has previously completed three seasons in Williams.
However, the two won't complete more than three seasons together, at least not right now, as Hamilton committed to Ferrari from the 2025 season, making the 2024 F1 season their last together in Mercedes.
In their first two seasons, each got one head-to-head win, as the younger driver surprisingly outscored his teammate in 2022 (275 vs. 240), but it was the more experienced Brit who was the team's leader in 2023 (234 vs. 175).

Hamilton vs Russell: All 2024 Mercedes H2H Stats:

Category Lewis HamiltonGeorge Russell
Championship standings8th (35 points)7th (44 points)
Grand Prix results head-to-head25
Qualifying head-to-head16
Grand Prix wins00
Pole positions00
Best finish6th (x2)5th (x1)
Fastest laps01
Grand Prix points finishes76
Sprint head-to-head11
Sprint race wins00
Sprint shootout head-to-head11
Sprint race podiums10

2024 Bahrain Grand Prix Summary - Hamilton vs Russell:

The first race of the 2024 season was the Bahrain Grand Prix. After the previous season, which was dominated by Red Bull, the two British drivers didn't come with high expectations.
In the qualifying for the first race of the season, Russell surprisingly finished third, while Hamilton, who supposedly had a "race setup" was able to put his Mercedes only on the ninth place.
In the race, both drivers, and seemingly all Mercedes-powered cars, struggled with multiple engine-related problems, and despite a promising start from Russell, none of the drivers made it to the podium.
Still, the 26-year-old driver outscored his more experienced teammate in the first race of the season, even though he finished only about four seconds ahead of him, getting 10 points for a fifth-place finish, while Hamilton got six for crossing the line seventh.

2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Summary - Hamilton vs Russell:

The second race of the season proved that Mercedes had a problem with their car. Their drivers struggled in the high-speed sections at Jeddah Corniche Circuit, which was reflected in their lap times.
While Mercedes cars looked the third fastest during the first race, the second race made Silver Arrows look like the fifth fastest team as they finished behind both McLaren and Aston Martin drivers.
Russell dealt better with W15's problems than his seven-time World Champion teammate both during the qualifying session (P7 vs. P8) and the race (P6 sP9).
It is important to note that Hamilton chose a riskier strategy during the race. He didn't stop for the first safer car, hoping there would be another one, but it never came.
George Russell followed by Lewis Hamilton around Jeddah Corniche Circuit
George Russell followed by Lewis Hamilton around Jeddah Corniche Circuit

2024 Australian Grand Prix Summary - Hamilton vs Russell:

The 2024 Australian Grand Prix was a disaster for Mercedes drivers. First, Hamilton retired on Lap 15 because of an engine failure, before Russell ended in barriers in Lap 57.
That came after a controversial incident with Fernando Alonso. The Spanish driver slowed down earlier than the British driver expected, and even though there was no contact between the two, Russell found himself in the wall, distracted by Alonso's move, who was later penalized with a 20-second time penalty.

2024 Japanese Grand Prix Summary - Hamilton vs Russell:

The 2024 Japanese Grand Prix certainly bonded Mercedes driver, but it wasn't because they would share a podium together. From start of the weekend to the end, it wasn't to be for the team, and it showed on their results.
Still, the team was likely happy to see nice gesture from Hamilton, who let his teammate pass him, when he felt like Russell was quicker, but it still resulted only in P7 for the younger Brit, with the seven-time World Champion finishing in P9.

2024 Chinese Grand Prix Summary - Hamilton vs Russell:

In the first Sprint weekend of the season, Hamilton was on the brink of getting a pole position in a wet Sprint Shootout, but after Lando Norris' lap was removed, it was reinstated again, meaning the 39-year-old finished 'only' 2nd.
His teammate qualified 11th, and with the short Sprint format, there wasn't much chance for Russell to make something out of it, even though he was the only driver starting on soft tires, and ultimately finished eighth for one point.
Hamilton, on the other hand, had a perfect start, pushing Norris on the edge in Turn 1 and taking the first place from him, but Max Verstappen was just too quick and won the Sprint race in China.
In the qualifying for the Grand Prix, Hamilton wasn't able to follow up on the great result from the Sprint, as he was eliminated in Q1, placing only 18th, while Russell made it to Q3, but finished only 8th.
While for the younger Brit it was about looking ahead in the race, for Hamilton it was all about damage limitation, starting from P18, and he managed to do that really well, finishing in points in P9, with his teammate only three places ahead in P6.
Hamilton with a small trophy for P2 in the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix sprint race
Hamilton with a small trophy for P2 in the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix sprint race

2024 Miami Grand Prix Summary - Hamilton vs Russell:

Mercedes brought the first part of its big upgrade to Miami. However, looking at the results, it seems to have made little, if any, difference.
Both Hamilton and Russell didn't make it in the final part of the sprint qualifying, and neither of them was able to score points in the sprint.
Although it is important to mention that Hamilton did have a decent pace and was running in the points, he was slammed with a 20-second (drive-through) penalty after the sprint race for speeding in the pit lane.
In the qualifying, the 25-year-old showed his superior one-lap performance, but during the Grand Prix race on Sunday, he couldn't match the race pace of the seven-time World Champion. Hamilton crossed the finish line in P6, while Russell crossed it in P8.

2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Summary - Hamilton vs Russell:

Mercedes brought the second half of their upgrade to the Imola Circuit. Although the team made some progress, the seven-time World Champion said after the weekend they were just stuck in no man's land.
Mercedes couldn't match the speed of the top three teams but was faster than anyone else. In the qualifying, Russell and Hamilton took P6 and P8 respectively.
Then, in the race, the 39-year-old gained one position and was catching up with his younger teammate when Russell was called into the pits for one additional box.
This allowed the 25-year-old to set the fastest lap and gain one additional point for his team, but he lost a position to his teammate, which reflects in the head-to-head score. The team principal, Toto Wolff, stated that Hamilton would have got him either way.