Qatar Grand Prix

The 2024 Qatar Grand Prix is the 23rd race of the 2024 Formula 1 World Championships, held on November 29 – December 1, in Lusail, Al Daayen, Qatar.
Date:November 29 – December 1
Circuit:Lusail International Circuit
Location:Lusail, Al Daayen, Qatar
Circuit Length:5.418 km (3.367 miles)
Race Distance:57 Laps, 308.826 km (191.895 miles)
Record Lap:1:23.196 - Max Verstappen (2021)
Last Winner:Max Verstappen
Number of Turns:16
First time held on November 21st, 2021, the Qatar Grand Prix became a part of the Formula 1 calendar under pretty unique circumstances. The year 2020 brought a pandemic with itself which still lasted during the 2021 season.
The Australian Grand Prix was initially postponed due to the ongoing pandemic and multiple restrictions put in place by the government. However, later that year, the Australian Grand Prix was canceled entirely, and the Qatar Grand Prix was announced as the race to fill the gap in the calendar.
Qatar’s desert climate means it might get too hot during the day to race. Plus, broadcasting times targeted at the primary Formula 1 market (European audience) audience also happen to suit a night race in Qatar.
The Qatar Grand Prix is one of the six races in the F1 calendar that take place during the night, along with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Las Vegas, and Abu Dhabi. The race takes place at Losail International Circuit.
Its first season (2021), the Qatar Grand Prix, was a success. However, it was absent in the 2022 season due to the 2022 World FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar around the same time between November and December.
In 2023, it was announced Qatar would become a regular part of the racing calendar with a 10-year contract. On the other hand, Qatar has been criticized on the grounds of human rights. F1 responded:

“For decades, Formula 1 has worked hard to be a positive force everywhere it races, including economic, social, and cultural benefits. Sports like Formula 1 are uniquely positioned to cross borders and cultures to bring countries and communities together to share the passion and excitement of incredible competition and achievement."

"We take our responsibilities on rights very seriously and set high ethical standards for counterparties and those in our supply chain, which are enshrined in contracts, and we pay close attention to their adherence.”