Singapore Grand Prix

The 2024 Singapore Grand Prix is the 18th race of the 2024 Formula 1 World Championships, held on September 20-22 in Downtown Core and Kallang.
Date:September 20-22
Circuit:Marina Bay Street Circuit
Location:Downtown Core and Kallang
Circuit Length:4.940 km (3.070 miles)
Race Distance:62 Laps, 306.143 km (190.228 miles)
Record Lap:1:35.867 - Lewis Hamilton (2023)
Last Winner:Carlos Sainz 
Number of Turns:19
Singapore Grand Prix officially joined the F1 World Championship in 2008. That year, the Singapore Grand Prix went down in history as the first Formula 1 event to be raced at night, as well as the first street circuit in Asia built for F1 races.
The first race in 2008 was won by Fernando Alonso, driving for the Renault team, however, under controversial circumstances. The term "crashgate" might sound familiar to you, and it refers exactly to the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.
A year after the 2008 race at Marina Bay Street Circuit, it was found that Renault team management ordered Nelson Piquet Jr. (teammate of Fernando Alonso) to crash on purpose during the 2008 race. This crash would trigger a safety car at a time chosen to benefit Alonso, and in the end, it helped him achieve the win. Notably, this was also the 800th Formula 1 race.
Singapore Grand Prix is also infamous for the deployment of safety in every single race since its inception in 2023. Street circuits, in general, are one of the most challenging circuits for all drivers, and Marina Bay Street Circuit is no exception.
Singapore GP has been held exclusively at Marina Bay Street Circuit for every race since 2008. Even though the race takes place during the night, Singapore is notorious for its hot and humid conditions. The event is one of the most physically exhausting races for drivers on the calendar.
Perhaps the best being able to deal with such conditions has been Sebastian Vettel, who holds a record here for the most wins. In total, Vettel has 5 Singapore Grand Prix victories. Some of the other famous winners at this grand prix include Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, and Carlos Sainz.