Verstappen Warns There Are Still Couple Of 'Not Ideal' Tracks For Red Bull Left In Calendar

Thursday, 30 May 2024 at 16:00
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Triple World Champion Max Verstappen warned after the Monaco Grand Prix that there are still circuits that will present a similar challenge to Red Bull.
The eighth round of the season at Circuit de Monaco exposed Red Bull's weaknesses like no other circuit this year. The team struggled a bit in Imola, but Max Verstappen ultimately came out on top.
In Monaco, the team struggled with curbs almost like no other team on the grid. The shortest route around the Monaco circuit involves a lot of curb-riding, which put the team from Milton Keynes at a disadvantage.
Helmut Marko later revealed that the problem is even worse. The team does not understand where it comes from because their computer simulations indicate everything should be completely fine.
Red Bull already struggled with bumpy tracks in 2023, as we've seen in Singapore, and apparently, the Austrian wasn't really able to fix this issue.
With this in mind, the 26-year-old Red Bull driver suggested there are still a couple of circuits left in the calendar that won't be ideal for his team. As quoted by, he said:

There definitely a few tracks on the calendar that are not ideal for us. Any track that is bumpy or you have to ride a lot of cubs, so the street circuits, will probably be a little bit tricky, but hopefully, by then, we have a little bit of understanding of what is going on."

There are four street circuits left in the calendar this season. However, Marko warned the team from Milton Keynes that they could struggle even during the upcoming race in Canada. Verstappen added:

"There are also some races that will suit our car again more. But we know where we have to work on."

"There's one clear direction where I think we're still lacking quite a bit of performance. So if we can fix that, our car will be better in general on every single track