Irony In Hamilton's And Verstappen's Statements Pointed Out By Brundle

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 at 22:00
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Sky Sport's commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle pointed out the irony in the statements of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen after the most recent race in Monaco.
The latest edition of the Monaco Grand Prix was one of the most static races F1 has seen in a while. The main reason was a major incident on lap one that triggered a red flag.
This had a couple of consequences. First, drivers could change their tires, fulfilling one mandatory change of tire compounds in a Grand Prix.
It was almost impossible to overtake Monaco, so everyone decided the safest bet was to use whatever compound they had until the end of the race.
This wouldn't have been possible under normal circumstances. However, all the drivers drove so slowly that they were able to save their tires. The race was then not only static but slow as well.
It was boring not only for the F1 fans but also for the drivers, many of whom called the race boring afterward. Verstappen voiced his opinion already during the race on the team radio, saying, "This is really boring. [I] should have brought my pillow."
The Dutchman was stuck in P6, right behind George Russell in P5, and couldn't do anything. He was followed by Lewis Hamilton.
The seven-time World Champion called the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix 'one of the dullest" races he has participated in.
Assessing the situation after the race, former F1 driver Martin Brundle pointed out how the two drivers who were blamed for making the sport boring in recent years (except for 2021) complained about the race in Monaco. He wrote in his column for Sky Sports:

"Lewis Hamilton said it was one of the worst races he's driven in, and Max Verstappen's pillow talk was painful when he said he wished he had one for a sleep during the race."

"Now the great irony here is that those two drivers didn't care one bit while we all had to observe them relentlessly winning races and championships by a country mile, but they were right. It was lacklustre to say the least."