Button Gives Verdict On Hamilton's Situation Amid Mysterious Statement

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 at 22:00
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F1 World Champion Jenson Button assessed Lewis Hamilton's position in Mercedes amid doubts about the German team's drivers' equal treatment.
Lewis Hamilton issued a strange statement following the qualifying session ahead of the eighth round of the season at Circuit de Monaco.
The seven-time World Champion seemed to have had the upper hand on his teammate all weekend, but in qualifying, George Russell outperformed him for the seventh time this year.
The current score between the two Mercedes drivers is 7-1 for Russell. Disappointed, Hamilton stated after qualifying in Monaco that going into every qualifying session this year, he already knows he will somehow lose two-tenths.
He also said that he doesn't expect to beat his teammate this year, which many interpreted as if the 39-year-old driver tried to suggest something was going on behind the scenes.
Mercedes brought an upgraded front wing to the circuit last week, but only for Russell, as the factory didn't have enough time to produce front wings.
Hamilton also pointed that out as a reason for Russell's defeat, although Mercedes' team principal, Toto Wolff, asserted he wouldn't expect the wing to make the difference.
Could favoritism be taking place in Mercedes now that the team knows the seven-time World Champion won't be with them for the next season either way? Jenson Button doesn't think so, as quoted by Planet F1, he said:

"I would be surprised. I think that because of what Lewis has done for this team – obviously they gave him a car to fight for a championship – I disagree. I don't think that will be the case."

At some point, Mercedes will probably have to stop sharing valuable information with the British driver so he doesn't take valuable data with him to Ferrari next year. Either way, Button believes the German team will do its best to ensure equal treatment.

"Maybe they won't tell him what the parts are and how much quicker they're going to be, but they will give them equal treatment."