Hamilton Bemoans Bouncing Problem Mercedes 'Have Not Been Able To Fix'

Saturday, 09 March 2024 at 00:40
hamilton lewis imagopanoramic
Lewis Hamilton seems to be still struggling with his Mercedes, as he's once again experiencing the bouncing problems.
When the F1 regulations changed in 2022, and the new concept of cars was introduced, Mercedes seemingly started struggling with never-ending bouncing problems, that the seven-time World Champion has often mentioned.
While it seemed at times that the problems were fixed, they seemingly still persist, even with their new W15. Only recently, Hamilton said that it finally feels "like a race car", but already during the second Grand Prix weekend, the Brit seems to be experiencing issues again.
During qualifying ahead of the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Hamilton placed only eighth, one place behind his teammate George Russell. After qualifying, he once again mentioned the bouncing issues.
When speaking to SkySports, the 39-year-old seemed frustrated that the issues persisted for the third consecutive season and that the team wasn't able to fix them.

"It’s similar to previous years. There are so many elements of this car that are better but we are still hindered by bouncing - something they’ve not been able to fix."

According to Hamilton, after the changes were made between the second and the third Free Practice session, he could feel it in the car, but once he hit the track for the qualifying, the issue appeared again.

"They've made some changes overnight, and this morning, the car felt so much better, I was regaining this confidence again, but when we get to qualifying, it disappears again."

Still, the 103-time Grand Prix winner hopes that the team will be able to get on top of the issue and fix it, as it would make his life in the 2024 season much easier.

"We’ve got to fix it. Three years in a row. We’ve got to get on top of it."