Combination Of Red Bull And Verstappen Is 'Terrifying' Like 'Senna Was With McLaren'

Thursday, 14 March 2024 at 09:09
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Flavio Briatore, former F1 team boss and Fernando Alonso's current manager, asserted that the combination of Red Bull and Max Verstappen is "terrifying."
Max Verstappen won 19 out of the last 20 Formula 1 races. His consistency, matched with Red Bull's dominant RP19 and now RB20, is something the remaining teams have a hard time coping with.
The 26-year-old has won the last three consecutive World Championship titles, and after the second race of the 2024 season, it seems he is well on his way to the fourth one.
He won the Bahrain Grand Prix with a more than 20-second lead over everyone else, and he also won the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix with a comfortable margin.
Many fans who wanted to see a more competitive battle for the Championship hoped that at least one of the four chasing teams right behind Red Bull would be able to close the gap, but that hasn't happened so far.
Moreover, Flavio Briatore argues that the Austrian team is even more competitive than it was during the past two years. He told Rai 1:

"This year, Red Bull is even more competitive, much higher than last year, and has a huge gap with the others. Verstappen gives eight tenths to everyone, he never makes mistakes."

Formula 1 has gone through multiple periods of dominance. There just always seems to be one team and driver pairing that is stronger than anyone else.
In 2021, F1 introduced a budget cap that basically dictates the maximum amount of money teams can spend on developing their cars.
This change was supposed to level the playing field, and it did. All teams behind Red Bull are more equally matched than ever before. However, for some reason, Red Bull just maintains their lead ahead.
The combination of the speed of their cars, their reliability, and Verstappen's talent, precision, and consistency is what Briatore describes as "terrifying." He compared it to legendary pairings like Ayrton Senna with McLaren or Michael Schumacher with Ferrari as he added:

"The combination with Red Bull is terrifying, as Senna was with McLaren, Alonso with Renault or Schumacher with Ferrari."