Mercedes Ferrari And McLaren Tease Their 2024 Challengers

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 31 January 2024 at 09:00
Updated at Wednesday, 31 January 2024 at 09:16
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Mercedes and McLaren, Formula One teams, teased their 2024 cars with only 14 days to go until their official launches.
The start of the 2024 season is approaching very fast. The first race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix, takes place on the second of March, only 31 days from now.
Pre-season testing starts even sooner - on the 21st of February, only 20 days from the time of writing this article, and the first F1 team launch takes place in only 3 days!
Haas will be the first team to reveal their car on February 2nd. Mercedes and McLaren both share the same launch date - the 14th of February.
While we still have a couple more days until their launches, the teams are already teasing their fans on social media, where they share the first blurred images or sounds of their 2024 challengers.
Mercedes 2024 car is supposed to be significantly different to what we have seen during previous seasons as Toto Wolff warned his team will change every single component possible.
The seating position should reportedly be changed to suit Lewis Hamilton better, who specifically mentioned quite a few times that he would like to sit more backward.
The team principal of Silver Arrows shared he got feedback from his drivers on the simulator saying the car feels like a car for the first time in two years. It sounds like Mercedes is on the right path, but to see the new car, we still have to wait 14 days.
When Max Verstappen was asked which team he believes might be the biggest threat to Red Bull's title in 2024, he said McLaren because of their development pace.
The Papaya team showed they understood their car in 2023 as they made the biggest step forward out of all teams in the grid.
In 2024, two new key hires from Ferrari and Red Bull joined the team, and both confirmed the team was on the right path. Could it be McLaren which steps up to the team from Milton Keynes this year?