5 Drivers With Greatest Chance Of Competing For Championship in 2024

Tuesday, 30 January 2024 at 13:00
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Who will win the Drivers Championship in 2024? Here is the summary of the five drivers with the greatest chances.

#5 – Fernando Alonso

While he is 42 years old and the oldest driver on the grid, Fernando Alonso proved during the most recent season that he still has the hunger and, more importantly, the speed to compete for the Championship.
Alonso beat his younger teammate – Lance Stroll, by an incredible margin in 2023, and if given a competitive car this year, he will be a serious contender for the title.

#4 – Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has already proven seven times that he has what it takes to win the championship. In 2023, he was the best of the rest (drivers outside Red Bull).
Some people already write the Mercedes driver off based on his age – 39 years old, but his hunger for the record-breaking eighth World Championship fuels him forward.

#3 – Charles Leclerc

Many consider Charles Leclerc one of the fastest drivers on the grid. He made it clear he would stay with Ferrari until he won a championship with the Prancing Horse, and he just signed a new contract with the team.
Ferrari was the second-fastest F1 team in the second half of the season, and it seems like the Italian team is on the right trajectory to provide the Monegasque driver with a Championship-contending car.

#2 – Lando Norris

According to Ralf Schumacher, Lando Norris on McLaren is the driver who could realistically stand up to the dominant Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing team.
Recently signing a new contract with the Papaya team, the 24-year-old showed he trusts his engineers to provide him with a race-winning car.
While the McLaren driver still hasn’t achieved a Grand Prix win, his maiden victory will likely come next season. If McLaren could maintain their development pace, Norris might become the greatest threat to Max Verstappen.

#1 – Max Verstappen

If you ask anybody, Max Verstappen is the driver with the highest chance of winning the 2024 season. The Dutch driver had the dominant car going into the winter break.
If Red Bull managed to hold on to their advantage over the closest rivals, the only driver who would have a chance to beat the triple World Champion is Sergio Perez.
However, Checo lost out to Verstappen by quite a margin during all of their three seasons together as teammates. While there are some drivers that could threaten Verstappen in the upcoming season, he remains the most probable winner.