Harsh Madrid Circuit Criticism Delivered From Spanish Driver Juncadella

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 31 January 2024 at 11:00
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DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) driver Daniel Juncadella slammed the newly announced Madrid Circuit.
A new addition to the Formula One calendar was announced a few days ago. The Spanish Grand Prix will be hosted at the Madrid Circuit from the year 2026 onwards.
The details like layout, length, anticipated speeds, and lap times achieved by F1 cars were already shared as well. The Madrid Circuit will be a semi-street track.
Some of its sections will take place in IFEMA's (the circuit's promoter) outdoor areas and some on Madrid's public roads. The Madrid Circuit will be 5,47 km (3,39 miles) long and contain 20 turns.
The proposed layout of the Madrid Circuit shared on ifema.es/en/f1
The proposed layout of the Madrid Circuit shared on ifema.es/en/f1
With the circuit layout already revealed, it was possible to build a virtual version of it in multiple games, and sim drivers are already competing over who can set the fastest lap.
After watching one of the flying laps around the virtual version of the Madrid Circuit, Daniel Juncadella couldn't resist criticizing the layout.

"I don’t say what I think of the circuit because they’ll take me to prison. Oh well, no, yes, I do say it: what a…" (followed by poo emoji)

The Spanish driver didn't leave it at that and explained reasons for why he dislikes the layout of the newly proposed circuit that is supposed to host the Spanish Grand Prix:

"No option to overtake, ultra-dangerous layout. Miami, Vegas, Sochi, etc. type piano/wall philosophy. Which I don’t like."

On the other hand, it was clearly mentioned on the website of the circuit promoter the track is still subject to FIA homologation and it is reasonable to believe FIA will ensure the safety of the track before approving it. The Spanish driver added:

"Luckily, this is not the final circuit. The GP going to Madrid? I couldn’t care less. [Ada] Colau [former mayor of Barcelona] has been sowing panic among tourists for years."

-Nula opción de adelantar. -Trazado ultra-peligroso. -Filosofía pianos/muros tipo Miami, Vegas, Sochi, etc. Que no son de mi agrado. Por suerte este no es el circuito final. Que el GP pase a Madrid? No me puede importar menos. Colau lleva años sembrando el pánico entre turistas.

Dani Juncadella
Dani Juncadella

No digo lo que opino del circuito porque me llevan preso. O bueno no sí que lo digo: menuda 💩