Wolff Would Want Verstappen Only To 'Annoy Red Bull' Says Villeneuve

Saturday, 30 March 2024 at 19:45
Updated at Saturday, 30 March 2024 at 20:05
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Formula 1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve recently stated he couldn't believe and imagine that Toto Wolff would really want to work with Max Verstappen.
There have been many rumors about Max Verstappen's deal with Mercedes "getting quite close" after the Dutchman publicly warned his team he could leave.
It was said the 26-year-old wasn't at all happy with the tense situation and power struggles inside the Red Bull Racing F1 team. Apparently, he might seriously consider a team change a few years before his contract expires.
The team that was identified as his most likely potential next target was Mercedes, and the team principal of the German team, Toto Wolff, confirmed to the media that Verstappen was the number one on his list.
However, former F1 driver and the 1997 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve finds it hard to believe that the Austrian team principal would be interested in the triple World Champion. As reported by express.co.uk, he said:

"I can't imagine Toto Wolff wanting Max. The only way he would entertain the idea would just be to annoy Red Bull."

Wolff himself recently admitted he might have said some things in the past amid the super close battle for the 2021 Championship that he now wouldn't.
The rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes was intense at that time, and Villeneuve believed it had to leave some scars that no time could heal.

"I can't see him at Mercedes because they lost the championship to Red Bull and Max. It would definitely not be because he really wanted Max. It would be more to do with wanting to get at Red Bull."

From the performance perspective, it would make sense for Wolff to take the 26-year-old, who many consider the fastest driver overall on the grid at the moment.
On the other hand, a recent report from Mirror.co.uk suggested that Red Bull is now reasonably confident that the triple World Champion is going nowhere as the tense atmosphere inside the team seemingly calmed down.