Wolff Admits 'Some Mistakes' From 2021 As He Expects Verstappen To Make Decision Soon

Tuesday, 26 March 2024 at 00:00
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During one of his most recent interviews, Toto Wolff admitted that he made some mistakes in 2021 that he can't change now.
If the 26-year-old decided to really leave, Mercedes would seem to be the next best option for him despite the fact that Wolff can't offer him a title-contending car yet.
As gbnews.com reported, Wolff told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that Max, his father Jos, and their manager have to decide in upcoming weeks whether they want a fast car and the results or "certain values within the team." He also said:

"Jos and I are the same age. I think we've always respected each other and we also have the same kind of humour. But I think the most important thing is that we both don't like nonsense."

"Jos knows more about racing than me, and also than Max. Maybe I know a little more about how to run an organization."

The relationship between the two hasn't always been the best, mainly during and right after the controversial 2021 season when Mercedes and Red Bull clashed for the Championship until the final lap of the last race. The Austrian team principal called some of his decisions "mistakes" in retrospect.

"It's unfortunate that there was some rivalry, but I will always defend my driver, and they probably would have behaved the same way. But looking back at 2021, it's clear that I made some mistakes, but I can't go back."

Even if Verstappen decided not to go to Mercedes, Wolff ultimately has quite a large pool of candidates to choose from. On the other hand, he hinted Verstappen is the number one on his list and added that he expects the Dutchman to make a decision in the upcoming weeks.

"There are options for drivers in the short term, but also in the long term. There is a certain situation at Red Bull."

"So, presumably, Max will decide his future in the coming weeks, depending on how the situation evolves. Is he number 1 on the wish list? It's a great opportunity."