Horner Highlights Sainz Amid Questions About Ricciardo's And Tsunoda's Chances Of Promotion

Monday, 25 March 2024 at 22:30
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Red Bull Racing team principal mentioned Carlos Sainz during the discussion about Red Bull's second seat in 2025.
The second seat in Red Bull is both one of the best and worst places to be on the grid. On the one hand, drivers who get to drive for the team from Milton Keynes get the quickest car.
On the other hand, they have to compete against Max Verstappen, who is widely considered the best in Formula 1 at the moment and is also very well-established within the team.
Sergio Perez, who has been with Red Bull since 2021, recently explained why several drivers have changed seats next to the triple World Champion in the last seven years.
He believes there is immense pressure to perform, and many just couldn't handle it, struggling with performance in direct comparison to the 26-year-old.
Nevertheless, that doesn't discourage other drivers from wanting to have a go at Red Bull. Perez's contract with the team expires at the end of this season, and the Austrian team already has quite a few candidates from which to choose.
Some of the most frequently mentioned names include Daniel Ricciardo, Yuki Tsunoda, and even Carlos Sainz, who will be replaced in Ferrari by Lewis Hamilton at the end of 2024.
It is Sainz who the team principal of Red Bull highlighted after the 2024 Australian Grand Prix when asked about Ricciardo's and Tsunoda's chances of promotion. As formu1a.uno reports, he said:

"We want to field the best pairing that we can, and sometimes you’ve got to look outside the pool. You’ve had a very fast unemployed driver [Sainz] win today’s race, so the market is reasonably fluid."

Carlos Sainz showed his resilience and speed during the third round of the season when he won the race around Albert Park Circuit just two weeks after surgery on his appendix.
The 29-year-old emphasized after the race that he still has no contract, but the most recent performance will give him a significant boost in the eyes of many team principals.