'I'm Still Without Job For Next Year': Sainz On 'Raising His Value' With Win In Australia

Sunday, 24 March 2024 at 17:40
carlos sainz ferrari45
Carlos Sainz jokingly reminded he still has no seat for next year during the press conference following the Australian Grand Prix.
The 29-year-old Ferrari driver achieved what he wouldn't even dare to dream about ahead of the third round of the 2024 season at Albert Park Circuit.
The first very positive surprise came when he put his Ferrari on the front row during the qualifying. But what will make Sainz remember this weekend forever is his third career win. He said during the press conference after the race:

"I don't know. For sure, it does no harm. That is 100%. But yeah, I'm still without a job for next year. So I guess this is going to help it."

"And yeah, I don't know. I think everyone knows more or less what I'm capable of doing. I do race for myself."

Sainz will obviously replace Lewis Hamilton after the end of the 2024 season in Ferrari. Currently, he has no contract but is one of the most attractive drivers on the market for teams like Red Bull or Mercedes.

"I race to keep proving to myself that I can win whenever I get a competitive car and whenever there's an opportunity to win in a weekend."

The 29-year-old dismissed the idea of having to prove something to team principals of other teams as he asserted he drives for himself. He added:

"I don't race to prove to team principals or to prove to people my value. I race to prove to myself that if I'm given a car, I can get it done and I can be up there, you know, and that's the mentality and the approach that I have and I will keep having the rest of the year."