Verstappen Confirms Uncertainty Around His Exit In Red Bull Is Over

Saturday, 30 March 2024 at 21:15
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In an interview one week ahead of the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix, Max Verstappen suggested "nobody" at Red Bull "is afraid" of his potential exit at the moment.
Multiple insiders and pundits have suggested over the last few weeks that Max Verstappen was really considering a team change amid all the controversy around Red Bull.
However, a report from posted on the 30th of March stated that Red Bull now feels there is "no risk" of the triple World Champion walking away any time soon.
Verstappen himself confirmed this narrative when speaking to the Dutch publication AD. After being asked whether anyone at Red Bull is fearing his potential exit, he responded:

"At the moment, nobody is afraid of that, I think. Two weeks back, though? Mwah, that may be. But some people also read a lot, I don't. And I think, in general, that does help."

The 26-year-old has been open in the past about avoiding reading news or using social media, and he advises everyone within his team to do the same.
There have recently been many rumors, most centered around the Red Bull Racing team. Reading something that isn't confirmed could mess with the minds of people inside Verstappen's team, and he needs everyone to perform at their best.

"That's what I do try to tell people, yes, that they better not read it all for a while, certain things. And if there are any questions, anyone in the team can always call me."

The Dutchman's chief mechanic is departing Red Bull Racing ahead of the next race at Suzuka Circuit. Concerning the unfortunate news for his team, the 26-year-old said:

"Of course, it's always about being able to keep the right people for as long as possible. That's a constant battle because of course other teams want to pull that, which is normal. That happens with the other top teams as well."