Hamilton Told To 'Lead By Example' Amid Calls For More Transparency From Others

Saturday, 30 March 2024 at 18:15
Updated at Saturday, 30 March 2024 at 19:33
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David Coulthard suggested that Lewis Hamilton should lead by example after his calls for more transparency from FIA and Red Bull.
The F1 Academy manager, Susie Wolff, filed a criminal complaint against FIA in French courts on the fourth of March after there was no more transparency and accountability following her own investigation that damaged her reputation.
The Scottish former professional racing driver released a statement saying she felt it was important to speak up and call out improper behavior.
Lewis Hamilton then defended Susie Wolff when talking to the media ahead of the 2024 Australian Grand Prix. He also called for more transparency from the governing body of Formula 1. He said:

"There is no transparency, there is clearly no accountability, and we need that, I think the fans need that."

- Lewis Hamilton

The 39-year-old also previously commented on Christian Horner's investigation in Red Bull, saying there should be more transparency.
During the most recent episode of the Formula for Success podcast, David Coulthard called out the seven-time World Champion, as he said:

"We've had Lewis Hamilton ask for more accountability and transparency across the board."

"I'm always a bit curious on that, actually, because it's like people ask for things whilst they're not having to do it. Lead by example in being transparent and open, rather than just doing so whenever there's a controversy."

About Susie Wolff's case:

Coulthard's cohost, Eddie Jordan, complimented the 41-year-old before saying he was "impressed" with her and that she is "competent," "wonderful," and "feisty." She added that FIA might be in trouble if Wolff feels reputationally slighted.

“If she feels and has felt slighted reputationally and various other ways, business wise, she has every right [to take action].

"I would promise the FIA they will need to have a very comprehensive prosecutor, lawyer, whatever, because Susie Wolff would not be going into that kind of situation unprepared."