Two Teams Might Surprise With Crazy Liveries Going Into Season 2024

by Adam OndrikTuesday, 30 January 2024 at 07:00
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Formula One teams don’t tend to change their liveries very significantly. However, there are two new teams going into 2024, which will bring designs we have never seen before.
The two F1 teams are VCARB – Visa Cash App RB (formerly known as AlphaTauri) and Stake F1 team (formerly known as Alfa Romeo/ Sauber).

#1 – VCARB / RB

AlphaTauri underwent a major rebrand after the end of the season 2023, and the team will enter 2024 with a completely new identity.
A big part of the changes was changing the name from Scuderia AlphaTauri to Visa Cash App RB. For now, it is not clear how the team will be referred to, but we will use either VCARB or RB.
With a brand new name, logo, and sponsors, we can expect a completely new livery from the Italy-based team. The main colors of RB are bright blue and white, while the Visa Cash App’s logo is entirely green.
Therefore, it makes sense to expect a car that will be a combination of the team’s blue color with white and perhaps some elements of green. VCARB will introduce it during their season launch in Las Vegas on February 8th.

#2 – Stake F1 team

The team that we know as Sauber ended its partnership with Alfa Romeo at the end of the year 2023, and now, the team officially enters its transition period before it gets rebranded to Audi in 2026.
During this time, one of the team’s partners - Stake, decided to invest in the team and consequently take over the naming rights.
The problem with the team's new name is that Stake is an online casino, and promoting gambling is strictly forbidden in some countries of the F1 calendar.
As a result, Stake might have to change its name to Kick (a streaming platform owned by the same company) during some of the Grand Prix events. Could the team run two different liveries, each representing a different name?
Alfa Romeo/ Sauber went wild with their Stake livery during the last two races of the season and designed an all-black car with golden details.
On the other hand, Kick is known for its bright green color, so it is possible we will see some bright green colors on Stake’s F1 car in 2024. The team will reveal their livery on the 5th of February.