Top 3 Biggest Challenges Red Bull Has To Face In Near Future

by Adam OndrikTuesday, 30 January 2024 at 05:00
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Red Bull has dominated Formula 1 during the two most recent seasons. However, there are three great challenges ahead of the team that will have a significant impact on its future.
Red Bull Racing F1 team has, in fact, recorded the most dominant season in the history of Formula 1 last year, and there is a high probability the team will continue their winning streak for a couple more seasons.
On the other hand, the team has to overcome a few challenges. Here is the summary of the top 3 greatest problems looming for Red Bull ahead of the 2024 season

#3 - Keeping lead over four highly competitive teams

The Austrian team has been able to keep their closest rivals – Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin at bay throughout the most recent season.
But Christian Horner highlighted a couple of times that his team is already approaching the top of the development curve. This means it will become more and more challenging for Red Bull to sustain their current development pace.
Consequently, other teams should start closing the gap more significantly in 2024. Nobody in Red Bull expects to repeat the success they achieved in 2023. It might prove very challenging even to secure the Championship title in the upcoming season.

#2 – Second Driver Problem

The previous problem is quite related to this one. The problem with the second driver in Red Bull, Sergio Perez, is that he had a super-dominant car in 2023, and he was not able to achieve the same results that Max Verstappen did.
In fact, the Mexican driver couldn’t secure second place in the Championship until the season's penultimate race. Why do Perez’s performances matter to Red Bull as much?
Points scored by both drivers are crucial in the battle for the Constructors’ Championship. While Verstappen collected enough points to secure the Constructors’ Championship by himself in 2023, he most probably won’t be able to do the same this year.
As Red Bull’s rivals close the gap and become more competitive in 2024, points scored by both Red Bull drivers will be crucial for securing the Constructors’ Championship.
If Perez couldn’t improve his qualifying pace and consistency during the upcoming season, he might cause Christian Horner and his team many headaches.

#1 – Building Own Power Unit

Even if Red Bull manages to secure titles during the two upcoming seasons, a huge task awaits Red Bull for the season 2026 as the team decided to produce their own power units.
The team, which is a subsidiary of an energy drinks company, has no business or experience in producing their own power units, and if they fail with the project, the team has no plan B, as indicated by Helmut Marko and confirmed by Christian Horner.