Full Overview Of All F1 Teams' 2024 Launch Dates

by Adam OndrikFriday, 26 January 2024 at 01:00
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F1 teams' season launches are the next big thing to look forward to. Here is a summary of all car launch dates for each team.
We are two months into the winter break and only 26 days away from the first day of pre-season testing in Bahrain, where we will see all F1 cars on track for the first time.
However, there is one thing to look forward to in the meantime, as almost all teams plan to reveal their cars even sooner. Here is why the dates below are important.
While, for example, Red Bull might not reveal their real car but only their livery (just like they did in 2023), the majority of the teams will unveil their real concepts that we can expect to see on track a week or two later.
First glances at the cars and words of team principals will be very indicative of what we can expect to see this season. Quite a few teams promised significant changes.
Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner suggested he expects all the cars to resemble RB19 more and more, but he might be wrong, and we won't really know until we see the cars unveiled.

All F1 Teams' Launch Dates - 2024:

TeamLaunch Date (2024)
Williams5th February
Stake5th February
Alpine7th February
Visa Cash App RB8th February
Haas11th February
Aston Martin12th February
Ferrari13th February
Mercedes14th February
McLaren14th February
Red Bull15th February
We can see from the final table above that the top teams tried to push their car reveal as close to the pre-season testing as possible. The testing starts on February 21st.
By delaying their car reveals, the best teams minimize the time their rivals have to observe and analyze the car before the season begins.
Scuderia Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur explained that his team could unveil SF24 by February 13th at the latest because, otherwise, it would become logistically too challenging.
Ferrari and Mercedes certainly promised great changes, so it will be interesting to see what these two teams have brought. Which team's car reveal are you looking forward to the most?