Horner Dismisses Chances Of Repeating 2023 Success

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 24 January 2024 at 01:00
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Red Bull achieved amazing success in 2023 due to RB19's pace advantage over rivals' cars. However, Christian Horner asserted that is something his team won't be able to repeat in 2024.
Red Bull Racing has been so successful in 2023 that going into the 2024 season, the discussions are not about which team will win the title, but rather if anyone could possibly catch up with the team from Milton Keynes.
One team winning 21 out of 22 races of the season is not something we see every single year in F1. Fans got bored of watching only Red Bull winning quite quickly.
However, what the Austrian team did in 2023 is a massive achievement. As the team principal, Christian Horner, affirmed, it might have been the most dominant season F1 has ever seen.
So how does Red Bull's team principal see the competitive situation less than a month ahead of the pre-season testing in Bahrain? As reported by Speedcafe, he said:

"I'm expecting the cars to look more familiar to a (RB)19 because it's inevitable that they will do. I'm sure over the next two years, we're going to see much closer racing."

There was a lot of close racing already in 2023, only Red Bull was not part of it. It is generally expected at least four teams could get closer to Red Bull this year.
Even Horner asserted he does not believe repeating the success his team had in the previous season is possible. He added:

"We will not repeat the year (2023). It will go down as a unicorn year for us, that's for sure."

It seems very unlikely that the team from Milton Keynes could repeat as dominant a season as they had in 2023, but the same thing was said after the season 2022, and they managed to exceed expectations. Could Red Bull dominate in 2024 even more than it did in 2023?