Sainz's Manager Gives Update On When To Expect Contract Announcement

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 at 15:30
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Carlos Onoro Sainz (manager of the Spanish Ferrari F1 driver) gave an update on the 29-year-old's contract negotiations during a recent podcast appearance.
We are almost 25% into the 2024 season, and Carlos Sainz still doesn't know where he will be driving next year as he's still without a contract.
The Spaniard is known to be in negotiations with multiple teams. Although some rumors suggested he was very close to signing with Mercedes a few weeks ago, it seems no agreement with the German team was reached.
2016 F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg said during the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix that he had seen Sainz's father talking to Christian Horner and that the 29-year-old has a contract from Red Bull on the table.
Carlos Sainz's manager, Onoro Sainz talked to the F1 Nation podcast recently and discussed the situation on the driver market. He said:

"Let’s say, it’s an interesting period of time at the moment. The driver market has been all over the place lately and I think we will see some movement in the upcoming weeks but for the moment, the juggling continues."

Hinting that we will see some movement in upcoming weeks, the manager was asked whether we are about to hear some announcement from his driver before the Miami Grand Prix (which takes place on the 3rd of May). He replied:

"No, no, no! You can sleep well between China and Miami don't worry! There will be no big news at least coming from us, we're still playing the game so we'll see."

It was suggested that Sainz is under pressure from Audi to give a definite response as to whether he wants to sign a contract with them.
Playing the long game means that the 29-year-old probably wants to wait to see how the situation in Red Bull or Mercedes develops, as both of these teams are likely to compete for the Championship in the near future.