Sainz Trying To Get 'Couple More Million' Out Of 'Stingy' Horner According To Rosberg

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 at 12:30
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Nico Rosberg suggested during the latest Chinese Grand Prix weekend that Carlos Sainz has received an offer from Christian Horner but is trying to extract a couple more millions from him.
Going into the sixth round of the 2024 season in Miami, Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz still doesn't have a contract in his hand for the upcoming season.
Since the start of the season, the Spaniard has been driving incredibly well and is currently perhaps the most lucrative driver on the market.
He admitted he has been in talks with all the teams and is now playing the waiting game. It is rumored that Sainz has a very interesting offer from Audi on the table, but he probably wants to join a team that would give him higher chances of success in the short term.
Although they said they are happy with what Sergio Perez is showing currently, Red Bull bosses Christian Horner and Helmut Marko admitted they are in talks with the 29-year-old.
Nico Rosberg even believes the Spaniard has already received an offer from Red Bull's team principal, but one that isn't too attractive. The 2016 Champion told Sky Sports F1:

"You know that they have an offer out to Carlos Sainz and I saw daddy Sainz speaking to Christian Horner yesterday because Christian Horner has apparently been a bit stingy on the offer. So, they're trying to get a couple more million out of him!"

Interestingly, the statements of the two Red Bull bosses didn't match when talking about the negotiations with the Ferrari driver.
On the one hand, Marko suggested Audi has an offer for Sainz that Red Bull cannot match. On the other hand, Horner claimed his team didn't know any details about the Audi offer to the Spanish F1 driver.
Many pundits and F1 fans would like to see Sainz alongside the triple World Champion next season. However, it isn't clear who Red Bull will choose, and the Austrian team repeated multiple times that they do not plan to make their decision so soon.