Stroll Clarifies Insulting Team Radio That Offended Daniel Ricciardo

Monday, 22 April 2024 at 07:34
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Lance Stroll responded to the incident with Daniel Ricciardo that took place on lap 26 of the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix.
The Aston Martin F1 driver Lance Stroll had a collision with Daniel Ricciardo just before restarting the safety car on lap 26.
Drivers punched up into turn number 14, and Lance Stroll couldn't brake in time to avoid a collision with the RB driver in front, slamming into his back.
The crash broke Stroll's front wing, but it was even worse for the Australian driver, whose diffuser and floor were damaged so much that he had to retire his car after just one lap.
Complaining on the team radio right after the incident, Stroll called the driver in front who braked so much an "idiot." When Ricciardo heard this, he told the media after the race, as reported by Autosport:

"Apparently, I'm an idiot, and it was my fault. That made my blood boil, because it's clear as day and it's also behind a safety car. The only thing you've got to do is watch the car in front. We can't predict what the leader's gonna do. The race doesn't start until the control line."

"I'm doing my best not to say what I want to say, but f*** that guy. And I'm being nice, too! But if that's what he thinks..."

Stroll, however, suggested after the race that his "idiot" remark wasn't necessarily aimed at the 34-year-old RB driver as he said:

"I don't think it was him. Everyone just slammed on the brakes and he was the guy in front of me. So I don't think he slammed on the brakes, It was a concertina effect."

"I got a penalty because of the end result that I hit Ricciardo, but it's not like everything was normal and I just slammed into the back of him."

While Stroll still refused to take the blame for this crash, stewards delivered their clear verdict already during the race when the Aston Martin driver received a 10-second penalty.
The stewards thought Stroll "was predominantly to blame for the collision that ultimately led to Car 3 having to retire from the race." Not agreeing with the decision, the 25-year-old added:

"There was a really odd concertina effect that I would have liked to see the stewards take into consideration maybe a little bit more."