Horner Addresses Norris's 'Boring' Claims About Verstappen's Dominance

Monday, 22 April 2024 at 09:23
Updated at Monday, 22 April 2024 at 10:55
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Christian Horner responded to Lando Norris's comments about Max Verstappen's dominance during the fifth race weekend of the season.
Lando Norris didn't expect to be competitive and have a chance against Ferraris or even one of the Red Bulls during the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix.
However, he was ultimately able to cross the finish line in second place ahead of both red cars, along with Sergio Perez, for McLaren's best result of the season so far.
Nevertheless, the 24-year-old could not match the triple World Champion in front. He even said that whenever the Papya driver finishes behind the Dutchman, it feels like a win for him.
As per PA Media via Yahoo Sport, Norris also said to the media during the race weekend at Shanghai International Circuit that seeing the same driver "win without a fight is boring" and a "turn-off" for fans.
Addressing these claims after the race, Red Bull Racing's team principal, Christian Horner, suggested the 26-year-old's success needs to be appreciated.

"You have to appreciate success. Max is a special talent and this is a golden moment for him. As we have seen with every single driver in the past, it doesn't last forever."

"It is about enjoying the moment and being in the moment and there are no guarantees we can give him a car like this for the next five years."

Red Bull, with the triple World Champion, don't tend to particularly focus on statistics, but Horner pulled out an interesting one, saying Verstappen won 50% of all the races since the last (2019) Chinese Grand Prix.

"Max is just a metronome. The pace he showed last year, he has continued that through. And since the last Chinese Grand Prix in 2019, he has won 50 percent of all the races."

"He has won 21 out of the last 23 races. He is in fantastic form, at one with the car and the team and enjoying his racing."