Russell 'Will Not Want' Sainz As His Teammate Says Jordan

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 at 17:00
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Speaking on one of the most recent episodes of his podcast, Eddie Jordan suggested George Russell wouldn't want Carlos Sainz as his teammate.
Carlos Sainz is currently one of the most lucrative drivers on the market, especially after the stellar start to the 2024 season that he has had, standing on the podium during 3 out of 4 Grand Prix races.
The question remains whether the Spaniard will be able to find himself on a Championship-contending team for the upcoming few seasons.
Sainz was rumored to have been in serious talks with Mercedes a few weeks ago, but it currently doesn't seem like an agreement was reached.
Andrea Kimi Antonelli seems to be the primary option for Mercedes's team principal, although Eddie Jordan believes there is no doubt Sainz would be a "great addition" to the German team. He said this on the Formula for Success podcast:

"Toto is hard to pin down and he plays a very good poker hand. I think Antonelli is probably one of the favourites there. Carlos Sainz would be a great addition, there's absolutely no doubt about that."

However, the former F1 team owner, who understands how team dynamics work, suggests that one person will oppose the 29-year-old joining.

"Toto has to be careful, because he manages George Russell. For sure George Russell will not want Carlos Sainz in that car."

"It’s not his decision to do that but I just feel they’ll be enough pressure put on Toto to make the situation in favour of the young up and coming driver."

While Jordan says Russell wouldn't want a strong and experienced driver as his teammate, it is important to mention that he has been driving alongside the seven-time World Champion since 2022.
The 25-year-old also expressed his confidence during one of the press conferences earlier this year, where he suggested he would welcome anyone in Mercedes, including Max Verstappen.