Perez's Surprising Contract Demand Revealed By Marko

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 at 12:00
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Red Bull's motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko, revealed Sergio Perez's contract demand amid negotiations for a future seat at Red Bull.
The Milton Keynes team is currently searching for the most suitable driver to take over from Max Verstappen from the 2025 season onwards.
Red Bull has so far been satisfied enough with Sergio Perez to keep him for four seasons (including this one) since he joined in 2021.
The team principal, Christian Horner, clarified that Checo remains the number one priority, but he also openly admitted that the team is considering other alternatives, such as Carlos Sainz.
Speaking to the media ahead of the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix, the Mexican driver suggested he believes his negotiation with the team will be a quick conversation and that he expects to reach an agreement in no time.
However, Helmut Marko suggested it isn't that easy. First of all, Red Bull doesn't plan to decide so soon, and second of all, the 34-year-old demands for a three-year contract are too much for the Austrian team. Marko told

"We are not yet in a position to finalise everything. But it has nothing to do with regulations, he knows he has to perform. First he wanted a three-year contract, but we will find a solution."

Marko also previously suggested it is more suitable for Red Bull to keep Perez on one-year contracts so he doesn't get comfortable and has reason to perform every single year.
In 2024, Checo's career is on the line, and his performance is, according to the 80-year-old, the best in all his years with Red Bull so far.
Multiple pundits have stated that Perez's current level of performance should be enough to secure the contract for at least one more year.
However, as mentioned above, the team from Milton Keynes is in no rush to make a decision, as Horner confirmed when he told the media in China:

"Sergio of course would like to make an announcement tomorrow undoubtedly, but we as a team aren't in a particular rush."

"But as I say, at this point in time, we're very happy with the line-up that we have, so there is no imminent rush to announce the full driver line-up for 2025."