'Maybe We Can Fight For Our First Win': Aston Martin Hints Substantial Progress

by Adam OndrikTuesday, 13 February 2024 at 09:00
amr24 aston martin car2
Aston Martin's team principal, Mike Krack, discussed his team's progress after the launch of AMR24 - Aston's 2024 challenger.
Aston Martin kicked off the 2024 season yesterday with the launch of AMR24. Mike Krack asserted his team is sure they will have "a strong contender" in 2024 and hopefully build on the previous year's success.
In an interview with Sky Sports, the team principal also stated the new car is a "strong evolution" of the previous year's model. He said:

"I think we have managed to make a good step with AMR24. It is a strong evolution of AMR23. And we are looking forward to seeing it on track."

The interview with Sky Sports most probably took place before the team unleashed the AMR24 on Silverstone Circuit, which is right next to the team's factory.
Asked whether there were some goals discussed and set in communication with the owner of the team, Lawrence Stroll, Krack responded:

"We share the same ultimate target. So, for 2024, we set ourselves a target to close the gap to the car in front even further."

In 2023, Aston Martin was one of the two teams that made the biggest development progress. The team went from seventh place in the Championship at the end of 2022 to competing regularly for podiums in 2023.

"We made a substantial improvement from 2022 to 2023, which has allowed us to fight for podiums. We had eight. We collected five times more points than the year before."

It remains to be seen how the AMR24 performs in comparison to other teams, mainly Red Bull. However, the team principal hinted that the goal is to fight for more podiums and even race wins.

"And if we manage to decrease this gap further, I think we can continue to fight for points, we can continue to fight for podiums, and maybe we can fight for our first win."