'Whole Market Exploded' With Hamilton's Signature, Krack Discusses Alonso's Contract

Tuesday, 13 February 2024 at 11:00
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Mike Krack talked over Fernando Alonso's contract with Aston Martin, which lasts until the end of the upcoming season.
While Fernando Alosnso's age increases every year, his value on the driver market consequently gradually decreases with every additional season as well.
Or at least, it worked like that up until the most recent season. In 2023, the Spanish Matador got hold of a competitive car again after a long period, and he showed everyone his age means nothing.
All team principals recognized his amazing performances and ranked him as the second-best driver of the 2023 season. Consequently, his value rose after 2023, and now, the 42-year-old has many options to pick from after his contract with Aston Martin expires at the end of 2024.
With Hamilton's announced exit from Mercedes to Ferrari at the end of 2024, the Spaniard could potentially be offered a place on one of the top three teams. The team principal of Aston Martin, Mike Krack, told Sky Sports.

"With Lewis's signature, I think the whole market exploded a little bit. We knew that there was going to be a silly season this year, and we have not even turned the wheel, have we? And the driver market is in full swing."

Asked about Aston Martin's plans in regards to Fernando Alonso's potential future contract beyond the season 2024, the team principal said:

"We love Fernando. We have a great relationship. We have a relationship based on openness and trust. It would be fantastic if we could continue into 2025 and into 2026."

"I think we had great moments in 2023, and maybe we have even greater moments in 2024."