Aston Martin 'Pleased' With Progress Achieved Through Winter Break

by Adam OndrikMonday, 12 February 2024 at 21:00
amr24 aston martin car3
Aston Martin's team principal, Mike Krack, and technical director, Dan Fallows, discussed the team's progress amid the launch of their 2024 challenger - AMR24.
Aston Martin just launched their 2024 car AMR24. Last year, around this time, Aston Martin was one of the teams that nobody expected to compete for podiums.
However, the British team broke everyone's beliefs in what was possible during the first race in Bahrain, where Fernando Alonso scored third place, clearly outperforming teams like Mercedes and Ferrari.
In 2024, the British team will hope to achieve something similar with AMR24. According to Formula 1's official website, the team principal of the team, Mike Krack, said:

"We have tried to focus on all areas of our predecessor, the AMR23, which had a great season, full of positives, last year."

"It has been very intense over the couple of months since we finished the [last] season and we hope we have done enough. We are sure that we will have a strong contender."

The team's technical director, Dan Fallows, showed some confidence. He stated that the team is already very pleased with what they achieved, and we haven't even reached the pre-season testing in Bahrain.

"We have managed to make a step on last year’s car. We’re very pleased with what we’ve been able to achieve."

The moment of truth will come during the qualifying session at Bahrain International Circuit on the first of March when all the teams will unleash the full power of their cars for the first time. For now, the technical director added:

"Really, it’s the first step, and this season we want to make sure we’ve got a good platform for development. That’s what we’ve been really focusing on, and I think we’ve managed to achieve that."