Silverstone Extends Its Contract With Formula 1 By Incredible 10 Years

by Adam OndrikThursday, 08 February 2024 at 16:00
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One of the most famous circuits in the Formula 1 calendar, Silverstone just extended its contract to host the British Grand Prix until at least 2034.
Silverstone is a special place because it is this circuit (in its older version, of course) that hosted the first-ever Formula 1 Championship Grand Prix in 1950.
It isn't the case with most of the modern circuits in F1, but each section at Silverstone has its name. You might have heard commentators use terms like Becketts, Copse Corner, and Hangar straight.
This circuit includes a few of the most famous sections in the World. While we are at Hangar Straight, you might not have known that it actually evolved from an airfield that served as a Royal Air Force (RAF) station called RAF Silverstone.
With the entry of new street circuits (Madrid, for example) to Formula 1, it became clear some of the traditional ones would have to be removed. However, we can announce with joy that it won't be Silverstone.
We currently have four drivers in F1 with British nationality, two of which - Lando Norris and George Russell prepared a special announcement for F1 fans in collaboration with Silverstone.
As you can see above, Silverstone just officially announced on social media that it will remain as part of the Formula 1 calendar at least until 2034 with a new ten-year deal.
This circuit isn't only loved because of its historical value. British Grand Prix, which has been hosted here for the last couple of years, tends to offer the most amazing battles of the season.
A great example is the fight between Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, and Charles Leclerc from the season 2022, which fans remember until today.
Every F1 fan wishes for more battles like these. Therefore, it is fantastic that Silverstone will remain in F1 at least until 2034 and we can't wait for the next British Grand Prix.