Horner Won't Attend Red Bull's Launch According To Van Der Garde

by Adam OndrikThursday, 08 February 2024 at 18:00
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Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde asserted Christian Horner wouldn't be attending Red Bull's launch next week.
If you aren't caught up in the latest shocking news, Christian Horner has been accused by one of his employees and is now being investigated for "inappropriate behavior."
Although it is not clear what this broad term refers to exactly, reports suggest it is related to his "aggressive management style."
Red Bull Racing's parent company, Red Bull GmbH, is in the process of investigating this situation and takes it very seriously. Apparently, Horner's resignation might be the possible consequence if the allegations are proven right.
Moreover, Motorsport-total.com suggested the team principal has already been "friendly advised" to step down from his position of team principal.
According to AMuS, the interrogation of all parties involved in the conflict is supposed to take place tomorrow (February 9th) in England.

Will Horner Attend Red Bull's Launch Event?

All these accusations come at a very inconvenient time for the team from Milton Keynes. Red Bull is supposed to launch their 2024 challenger on February 15th next week.
In his podcast, "DRS: The Race Show," Giedo Van Der Garde suggested the team principal surely won't attend the team's launch due to ongoing investigations.

"No, he is not at the launch. Horner is now being screened internally by Red Bull. Believe me, he will not be there during that presentation next week."

On the other hand, Red Bull aims to resolve the situation as promptly as possible, and the team hopes to come to a conclusion by then. Concerning the potential resignation, the former F1 driver does not really see that as an option.

"I don't see a suspension happening very soon, but it is of course a stain on his name. The team is now putting the finishing touches on it, but I don't think Horner has to play a very big role in that."

The 50-year-old team principal remains in his position while the investigation takes place, but should there be a need for his replacement, vad der Garde believes the Austrian team has enough competent people.

"There are quite a few guys under Christian Horner who are very good. Jonathan Wheatley is a really good guy. If Horner is kicked out, he will become the big boss."