New Details: Horner Reportedly 'Friendly Advised To Resign From His Position'

by Adam OndrikTuesday, 06 February 2024 at 08:31
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The team principal of the Red Bull Racing team, Christian Horner, has supposedly been asked to resign from his position in relation to his investigation.
The amount of shocking news that we have got in recent weeks would be enough for Netflix to shoot another F1 series, and the season hasn't even begun.
Firstly, Guenther Steiner departed Haas out of the blue. Secondly, Lewis Hamilton announced he would be leaving Mercedes for Ferrari. And now we hear Christian Horner was advised to resign from his position.
The media was abuzz yesterday with speculation about events inside Red Bull Racing. One employee allegedly accused Christian Horner of "inappropriate behavior."
It is not clear what exactly it was, but Red Bull GmbH, the owner of Red Bull Racing, had to step in and apparently launched an investigation carried out by an external specialized lawyer.
According to,  the investigation was launched a bit earlier - at the end of last week. There is now said to be a collection of documents with incriminating material at Red Bull in Fuschl.
This disturbing news comes at the wrong time for the Milton Keynes team, which now needs to focus fully on the upcoming season, which starts in 14 days with testing in Bahrain.
Moreover, Red Bull must unveil their new car (or only livery) next week, and the 50-year-old should be present during the launch event.
Consequently, it is Red Bull's utmost priority to resolve this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, more Horner is said to remain in his position as he completely rejects all the allegations. However, asserted Horner has even been advised to resign.

"Horner is said to have been friendly advised to voluntarily resign as team boss and vacate his post."

2024 was supposed to be the Briton's 20th season with Red Bull Racing. He has been essential to Red Bull's success over the years, and it is almost unimaginable for him to resign suddenly.
Could the allegations be that serious? Even if they were proven wrong, Horner's public image has already taken a big hit. We are curious to see how this case evolves, but now, we have to wait for more information.