Three Biggest Take Aways From Stake's Car Launch

by Adam OndrikTuesday, 06 February 2024 at 06:00
c44 car launch stake1
The Stake F1 team launched the C44 yesterday. There are three takeaways that we've been able to derive team's presentation.
Stake gained the naming rights at Sauber and will take over the team in the upcoming two seasons before a major Audi rebrand in 2026.
On February 5th, the Swiss-based team launched their 2024 challenger, and it was quite an experience to watch their live stream. Here are the three key takeaways:

3. Stake Wants To Be The "Cool Team"

Formula 1 gained a lot of popularity among the younger generation in recent years with the arrival of its Netflix series. We can clearly observe how all the teams started adjusting to the new era through their social media presence.
Stake is the "new team," so no one has preconceived notions about them. Consequently, they now had the opportunity to establish themselves in the right way in fans' minds.
Their stylish branding, vivid colors, and language suggest the team wants to engage mainly with the younger audience. And it makes sense with a company that owns an online streaming platform - Kick.

2. Vivid Livery

Speaking about the vivid colors and Kick, the C44 will be a combination of bright green and black - following the branding language of the streaming platform.
C44 - Front Wing
C44 - Front Wing
Until now, McLaren and Ferrari were the two teams that stood out the most in terms of liveries, but Stake will definitely challenge their position with its glowing design. The presenter, Naomi Schiff, said during the car launch:

"C44 is not just a car, but it is also the symbol of determination and constant pursuit of the greatness as a team."

1. Aggressive Approach To Car Design

The launch featured an interview with the technical director, James Key. The 52-year-old asserted the C44 is "very different to last year" with "more refined aerodynamics."
The technical director highlighted the pull-rod design of the front suspension and also suggested there have been quite a few changes that are not as obvious.
Key called C44 a "wonderfully packaged car" and mentioned multiple times throughout the presentation how aggressive his team's approach to the design of the car has been.
But what can we expect from this? Both the team representative and the technical director seemed confident in their progress, but the real results will only be revealed only once all the teams race each other on track.
Alfa Romeo certainly didn't finish the 2023 season on a high. Can the team turn things around going into the next season following their rebrand?