Hamilton 'Lost Faith In Mercedes' According To Key Red Bull Figure

by Erik VirostkoTuesday, 13 February 2024 at 07:00
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Lewis Hamilton recently made a surprising decision to leave Mercedes and join Ferrari, and many have been looking for answers ever since.
Ahead of the 2024 F1 season, most of the talks were focused on whether someone would be able to challenge Red Bull and how well the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren would do.
However, all of the attention quickly shifted to only one man after the rumors started swirling around about the seven-time World Champion possibly joining the team from Maranello.
The rumors quickly ended, not because they wouldn't be truthful, but because the situation progressed so quickly that on the same day, Hamilton signed a contract with Ferrari starting from the 2025 season.
Since then, the conversation didn't stop. How well would he do in Ferrari? Will he be a good teammate to Charles Leclerc? How will Mercedes react? But also the most important question, 'Why did he leave?'
Hamilton said that it was his childhood dream to race for the red team, but his former teammate and rival, Fernando Alonso, recently took a dig at the Brit, saying it wasn't his dream only a few months ago.
Whether it truly was Hamilton's dream to drive for Ferrari or not will probably always remain a mystery, but according to one of the key figures in Red Bull, Helmut Marko, the 39-year-old lost faith in Mercedes.
Marko recently spoke to sport.de, discussing the Brit's move to rival team, and while he shared many views, including the one about Hamilton likely being the better driver in the new duo with Leclerc, he also said that his move was likely impacted by his relationship with the German team.
Mercedes struggled in the past few seasons. That's something different to what the seven-time World Champion was used that, as he won six World Drivers' Championships with the team, and according to Marko, Hamilton's loss of faith simply contributed to his move.

"Hamilton has lost faith in Mercedes."