Watch: Red Bull's 2024 Challenger Spotted On-Track At Silverstone

by Adam OndrikTuesday, 13 February 2024 at 15:22
Updated at Tuesday, 13 February 2024 at 15:54
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Red Bull's 2024 challenger RB20 was spotted on Silverstone Circuit on Thursday, 13th of February, during a secret filming day.
Many teams first launch their cars and then go for a shakedown/ filming day. These include Ferrari, which launched SF-24 today, and Aston Martin, which launched AMR24 yesterday.
However, Red Bull apparently decided to do things in reverse order when the team from Milton Keynes took over the Silverstone Circuit today with the purpose of testing and filming their new RB20. This was a secret shakedown that wasn't previously announced in the media.
Starting in 2024, F1 teams are allocated a maximum of 200 kilometers (124 miles) that they can drive with their new cars before the pre-season testing in Bahrain starts. That's a double of the previous maximum of 100 kilometers (62 miles).
The RB20 with Max Verstappen behind the wheel was spotted in the morning for the first time, but Red Bull's filming day at Silverstone is still taking place at the time of posting this article at 15:22 CET.
As opposed to Aston Martin, which had beautiful sunny conditions for their shakedown yesterday, Red Bull's drivers get to try the new car in the wet. Fortunately, Pirelli's testing tires are adaptable for all conditions.
In the video above, you see Verstappen in RB 20 alongside David Coulthard in RB1 (Red Bull's 2005 car). Max Verstappen was set behind the wheel of the Red Bull in the videos above and a photo below, but Sergio Perez is also present at the circuit and should get his chance to drive the new car.
While we can already spot a few changes (engine cover, for example), it is believed this is only a lunch-spec car, and quite a few changes may be implemented between the launch and the first race in Bahrain.
According to the report from the news agency, the team principal should also be present during Red Bull's official launch of the RB20 on Thursday.