Leclerc Discusses Ferrari's Newly Unveiled SF-24: 'We Have Worked Extremely Well'

Tuesday, 13 February 2024 at 17:00
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The Scuderia Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc talked over the new SF-24 after Ferrari's launch on the 13th of February.
Scuderia Ferrari revealed their challenger for the season 2024 today. The Italian team has done it in a similar fashion to Aston Martin, which launched their AMR24 yesterday.
The official launch consisted of a video and photos of the 3D render of Ferrari's new car, and shortly after that, the Italian team hit the track with a shakedown at Fiorano.
Fiorano Circuit is a private racetrack owned directly by Ferrari, which the team traditionally uses for testing purposes. It is located near Maranello, where Ferrari's headquarters are situated.
In an interview that was released shortly after the launch of SF-24, Charles Leclerc admitted the previous season was difficult for his team.

"Last year was a very difficult season for the team. However, we have worked extremely well. It was very clear the direction in which we needed to work to achieve better results this year."

In 2023, Ferrari drivers' most common complaint about their car was its unpredictability. This resulted in a few crashes, which cost the team some crucial points in the Championship battle.
Ferrari's strengths and weaknesses were quite opposite to Red Bull's. Max Verstappen suggested Red Bull was great in fast corners and tire management.
He wished to see improvement in slow corners, bumpy surfaces, and curb riding. Ferrari performed well on street tracks, which are dominated by slow corners and bumps.
On the other hand, the team struggled with tire management, fast corners, and the predictability of SF-23. Leclerc added that he is confident these problems will be eliminated in season 2024.

"I'm sure the team has done a great job. The few difficulties that we encountered in 2023, I'm confident that they will not be there in 2024 anymore."