Verstappen's Loyalty Shows Amid Red Bull Power Struggle According To Ralf Schumacher

Wednesday, 20 March 2024 at 00:15
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Max Verstappen is facing a challenging situation at Red Bull, and although he likely doesn't want to pick sides, he previously suggested where he stands.
The Dutch driver just recently won his third World Championship, and he started the 2024 season with two wins, making important steps to winning his fourth consecutive Drivers' Championship.
However, the situation at Red Bull is not easy right now, with multiple investigations into Christian Horner, the team's Principal, and Helmut Marko, one of the key figures.
Naturally, Verstappen was asked about where he stands during the most recent Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia, and he made his stance rather clear when he explained that if Marko leaves the team, there may be a problem.
Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher discussed the situation in a recent interview with, and he applauded the current World Drivers' Championship leader's loyalty, saying that Marko was the person who always supported the Dutch driver.

"It should go without saying that a driver has a clear opinion. Max hasn't forgotten who encouraged him and who always supported him. That was Helmut Marko, not Christian Horner."

Schumacher also emphasizes that the 26-year-old is likely aware of the risks associated with the possible departure of some of the team's key figures because of the drama in the team.
Adrian Newey is often credit for the team's success and it's likely in everyone's interest to keep the 65-year-old in the team.

"Max knows exactly what happened internally. He also knows that there is a great risk that technical genius Adrian Newey will soon no longer have any desire to stay at Red Bull because of all the quarrels."

For now, everyone stays in the team, and Red Bull doesn't seem to be planning to stop their domination, but the question mark is always there.