Verstappen Shots Down Rumored Offer From Wolff: 'Even €250 Million Isn't Enough'

Friday, 03 May 2024 at 18:00
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Max Verstappen answered questions about the rumored offer from the Mercedes team principal ahead of the sixth round of the season at Miami International Autodrome.
Red Bull officially announced this week that its star car designer, Adrian Newey, will depart the team in the first quarter of 2025.
Amid this negative news for the future of the Austrian team, rumors started emerging about a scheduled meeting between Verstappen and the Mercedes leaders.
F1-Insider suggested Toto Wolff with CEO Ola Källenius, and Sir James Ratcliffe wanted to meet with the triple World Champion to discuss the empty seat in their team and to present the 26-year-old with a very lucrative offer.
It was suggested that the German team was willing to offer Verstappen as much as $150 million per year. However, when the Dutchman was asked about this offer during the media day ahead of the 2024 Miami Grand Prix weekend, he said (as quoted by Racingnews365):

"At the end of the day, let's say that would be the case, €150 million, but that money is not going to be the differentiator for me to go somewhere."

"[Even €250 million isn't enough], because I'm happy with what I am earning and it is about performance."

Verstappen likely reached a point in his career where money plays no role. He earns much more than he can spend and is in F1 because he loves to race and win.
Competing for wins seems to be an essential part of the 26-year-old's motivation, and at the moment, it isn't something that Mercedes could offer him.

"Because I know that if I was driving for P5 or P6, I'd get quite grumpy and so it is always about performance - everyone knows that. Toto also knows that."

The Dutchman also clarified for the media that Adrian Newey's exit doesn't change the situation for him and that his future stays the same. He added:

"Everyone should always be optimistic and hopeful about things, but at the moment, I can stay. I want to stay with the team because I believe in the project that we have with everyone involved."