It's Official: Red Bull Announces Adrian Newey's Departure In 2025

Wednesday, 01 May 2024 at 11:14
Updated at Wednesday, 01 May 2024 at 11:16
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Red Bull officially announced the departure of their child technical officer, Adrian Newey, ahead of the 2024 Miami Grand Prix.
Adrian Newey has been with Red Bull since the team's inception. The British engineer joined in 2006, one year after its debut in Formula 1.
The 65-year-old has stayed with the team ever since, for almost 20 seasons. Newey and Red Bull have stayed together through thick and thin.
Together with the team from Milton Keynes, they amassed seven Drivers Championship titles and six Constructors' Championship titles and are on their way to achieving at least one more of each this year.
Newey is largely credited with designing Red Bull's most successful cars and is considered the best chief technical officer on the grid currently (maybe even in the history of F1).
Throughout his years with the Austrian team, he received multiple offers from various teams on the grid. He admitted that Ferrari had tried to poach him at least three times in the past.
However, he stayed loyal to Red Bull, saying he had no reason to leave. That seems to have changed, and apparently, even recent success with the team isn't enough to convince the 65-year-old to stay.
Newey is said to have become tired of the internal conflicts and power struggles that take place behind the scenes of the championship-winning team.
Rumors about Newey's potential exit emerged last week as he had already informed Red Bull Racing leaders about his desire to leave.
F1-Insider informed us on Monday, 30th of April, that the British engineer had already formally handed in their resignation, and it was a matter of time before we should hear the official announcement from the Austrian team.
Just a few minutes ago (1st of May, 9 AM GMT), Red Bull Racing published an official statement on its website confirming the departure of its chief technical officer.

"Oracle Red Bull Racing today announces that Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey will leave the Red Bull Technology Group in the first quarter of 2025."

It isn't yet clear whether the chief technical officer will be free to work with another team immediately or whether he will have to take gardening leave to stay away from F1 for some period.
Rumors connect the genius F1 car designer mainly to two teams currently- Aston Martin, or Ferrari.