See: Image That Shows Extent Of Lando Norris's Injury Suffered While Partying In Amsterdam

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 at 10:00
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Lando Norris suffered an injury during a boat party in Amsterdam during King's Day ahead of the 2024 Miami Grand Prix weekend.
After the most recent race weekend in China, drivers took a one-week break to rest before jumping back into their cars for the second sprint race weekend of the season in Florida.
Enjoying his week off, Lando Norris headed to the Netherlands for the nationwide celebrations of Koningsdag (King's Day) with multiple friends, including world-famous DJ Martin Garrix.
The King's Day, which took place on 27 April, marks the birthday of King Willem-Alexander and is accompanied by nationwide festivities.
People typically dress in orange (the color of the Dutch royal family), and the biggest cities in the Netherlands become hubs of activity, with tourists and citizens participating in outdoor festivities.
Norris, with his crew, joined the celebrations, as seen in videos shared on social media. The McLaren driver was spotted dancing on a boat party floating through Amsterdam canals.
There is nothing wrong or uncommon about F1 drivers partying, but things went a bit bad when the McLaren driver suffered an injury, and horrific pictures of him with bloody bondage started emerging.
The 24-year-old most probably had some explaining to do to his McLaren bosses, who would not be happy if their most valuable driver couldn't participate in the race due to a party accident.

🚨| Lando Norris was seen with a facial bandage after a minor incident in Amsterdam during King’s Day celebrations. Despite the cut from broken glass, his participation in the upcoming Miami Grand Prix remains on track. #F1 #MiamiGP

F1 drivers are often forbidden from activities that could be considered dangerous, like skiing, for example. Their teams spend millions on them and cannot afford to lose them due to silly incidents.
Fortunately, according to Planet F1, the injury was sustained from cut glass and was said to not be severe. This means the 24-year-old driver should be fully ready for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix.
As you can see in the picture below, the Papaya driver felt well enough to continue in the King's Day celebrations, so it is safe to assume he won't miss out on the Miami Grand Prix weekend.