'I'd Have Him Drive Our Car Any Day': Alonso Praised By Rival Team's CEO

Monday, 29 April 2024 at 10:00
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During one of his latest podcast appearances, the CEO of McLaren, Zak Brown, discussed how the oldest drivers on the grid are still able to match the young talent.
2025, we will have two drivers in their forties on the F1 grid. Not only will they be on the F1 grid, but both of the two World Champions will be racing for two of the best teams, competing for podiums and possibly race wins.
What's more, neither Lewis Hamilton nor Fernando Alonso plans to stop soon. The Spanish Matador will be racing at least until the end of 2026 (he will be 45 then).
The Mercedes driver also has a contract that takes him at least until the end of 2026. He already revealed he plans to race "well into" his forties, suggesting his new contract with Ferrari won't be his last in F1.
Asked how hard it is for older drivers like the seven-time World Champion or the Spaniard to keep performing at the highest level, Zak Brown told Drive to Wynn Podcast:

"I think it's definitely not easy but you see it in other sports and it only happens with the legends. They have a work ethic second to none, they've got a focus, a mindset. I mean Fernando is so impressive."

"He’s not slowing down at all, his racecraft is awesome and I know Fernando well, he doesn’t care about anything other than racing."

As drivers progress in their careers and maybe achieve what they want to achieve, they tend to start searching for other passions outside of racing and preparing for retirement. However, Brown believes Alonso's only passion is racing.

"So, I think what maybe some of these quote older guys kind of lose their way is because they start getting focused on things outside of racing."

"Fernando just cares about racing and I think as long as he does that like the Tom Brady's of the world, the Scott Dixon's, they can kind of defy what everyone else does because they have a focus and a talent that allows them to go later into their career than most."

Interestingly, the CEO of McLaren seems so impressed by the double World Champion that he suggests he would have him in his McLaren any day.

"So, it’s not going to work for everyone but it’s certainly working for Fernando Alonso, I’d have him drive our car any day."