Sainz Shares Expectations Ahead Of Miami Grand Prix Weekend

Monday, 29 April 2024 at 14:00
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Carlos Sainz shares how competitive he expects Ferrari to be during the second Sprint race weekend of the season that will take place at Miami International Autodrome.
Miami Grand Prix will be the sixth round of the 2024 season, which consists of 24 race weekends. This means that once this week's race concludes, we are 25% through this year's calendar.
Ferrari's performance in the first five race weekends has varied. While the Italian team was clearly second fastest in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Japan, they were as quick as Red Bull in Australia.
On the other hand, the latest weekend in China was so far the worst for the team from Maranello, as they had only the third fastest car. Asked if he expects to perform better during the race in Florida, Sainz told the media:

"I think so. Miami, I have a better feeling than [in China]. Not another Australia, but I think Miami should be a bit better for our car.

Ferrari's problem might be that both Mercedes and McLaren plan to introduce significant upgrades this weekend. This could potentially disadvantage the drivers in the red car.
Ferrari's first big upgrade is scheduled for the seventh round of the season- the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola Circuit.
Both Charles Leclerc and the 29-year-old previously hinted they expect a big step forward with this upgrade, and Sainz clearly can't wait for it. He added:

There's going to be circuits where the Red Bull is going to be clearly ahead anyway, and then McLaren is going to be stronger.

"There are going to be other circuits like Australia where I think we're gonna be up there, so it's very circuit dependent. But clearly, if we want to be stronger at circuits like China, we need a better platform for this kind of track."