Sainz Explains Why Choice Of His Next Team Will Be 'Like Coin Toss'

Saturday, 27 April 2024 at 18:00
carlos sainz ferrari58
Scuderia Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, who will still be without a contract after the 2024 season concludes, compared his choice of his next team to a coin toss.
While Carlos Sainz is playing the waiting game, some other drivers have already made their final decisions. Fernando Alonso signed with Aston Martin ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix, while Nico Hulkenberg signed with Audi (Sauber) yesterday (April 26th).
Sauber/ Audi is a team that is understood to be very interested in Sainz, but the Spaniard feels like his chance of competing for the title in the short term might be better with a different team because, otherwise, he would have already signed the contract.
The only thing that is pretty easy to judge is which teams should be competitive in 2025. As to 2026 and beyond, there are some indications, but nothing is certain, and that's why the 29-year-old compared his choice to a coin toss. He told the media:

"All the options are viable ones right now for me because I don't have a deal for next year so I need to consider all the options."

"Given the huge regulation change in 2026, I consider 2026 a bit like a coin toss. It's impossible to know right now who's going to get it right."

The Spanish Ferrari driver, of course, talks to all the teams. The problem is that every single team will claim they plan to compete for the title come 2026, and in reality, it might be only one or two of them.

"When I take the decision for when where I'm going to be 2026/2027 – it doesn't matter how much you talk to teams, how much they sell you how good they're doing with the engine – the reality is no one knows."

"If someone wins in 2026, in my opinion, it's not because of smart decision-making, but because you're just in the right place and at the right time."